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Cash Register POS

Cash Register POS

What is Cash Register POS?

  • Cash Register POS can be defined as the next-gen cash register.
  • It is a card collection product which offers cash register and POS features in a single product, transmit sales details to the ministry of finance database at the moment of receipt issuance, and boasts advanced security features.
  • It eliminates the workload arising from performing cash register and POS transactions separately.
  • All businesses are now legally required to replace their traditional cash registers with a Cash Register POS until 31.12.2015.
  • As this line of cash registers has POS features, the ownership must be registered to the taxpayer. Therefore, you must purchase the device from a Türkiye Finans-contracted, Revenue Administration-authorized company, instead of a bank.

Companies Legally Obliged to Use a Cash Register POS

Pursuant to the Communiqué bearing the Serial No. 427 issued by the Revenue Administration, the companies that make home deliveries (receive payment at door) and receive payment on table, or use mobile POS such as propane and dispenser-size water dealers, must use a cash register POS device that have both cash register and POS features.

The Communiqué is applicable only to the companies subject to the law no. 3100.

The companies which engaged in wholesale trade and issue invoice are not covered by the scope of this communiqué.

How to Buy a Türkiye Finans Cash Register?

  • If you are legally obliged to use a Cash Register POS, you should first apply to your registered tax office to obtain a “Cash Register Permit”.
  • The permit you will obtain must indicate the number of devices you will purchase.
  • With your permit, you can purchase the device from one of the sales points of a Türkiye Finans-contracted, Revenue Administration-authorized cash register company.
  • Once you have received your device, you can apply to a Türkiye Finans branch to have the Türkiye Finans POS application installed.
  • Following completion of your application procedures, the Türkiye Finans Cash Register POS application is installed to your device in the shortest time and your device becomes operational.

Türkiye Finans-Contracted Cash Register POS Companies

Our member workplaces can purchase their device from one of the following Revenue Administration-authorized cash register POS manufacturers, and have our bank’s Cash Register POS application installed to the device.

Cash Register POS Companies and Device Brands
Contracted Company Device Brand

Our negotiations with other cash register manufacturers are ongoing, and once these negotiations are concluded, our bank’s cash register POS application will be available for installation to the devices of these manufacturers.

If you hold a Türkiye Finans Business Card, Happy Card, Faal Card or Siftah Card, you can purchase your Cash Register POS device from contracted dealers under a commercial loan with 36-month installment.

*Click for the list of MT Bilişim (Vera) dealers.

Call the Customer Contact Center at 0850 222 22 44 or visit the nearest Türkiye Finans Branch to learn more about Cash Register POS.

Click to Learn the Nearest Türkiye Finans Branch.

How can I apply to become a Türkiye Finans Member Workplace?

You can visit the nearest Türkiye Finans Branch or our website to learn more about Türkiye Finans member workplace advantages and apply to become one.

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