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Virtual POS

Virtual POS

Virtual POS is a POS software enabling companies making online sales to make secure collections from credit cards online.

Virtual POS boasts advanced security measures by international standards to provide our customers with a secure shopping environment.

Credit card information received through Virtual POS is encrypted through a 128-bit encryption method called SSL.

How Does Virtual POS Work?

  • The Virtual POS software is uploaded to a server of your choice.
  • Credit card information entered by your customers through your website is transmitted to our bank and the relevant provisioning is carried out securely.
  • The amount of the provisioned transaction is deducted from the credit card limit and transferred to your company’s bank account.

Advantages of Virtual POS

  • Open an online store and use Virtual POS to promote and market your products and services across the whole world, freed from by market boundaries.
  • Offer 24/7 online services to your customers worldwide.
  • For transactions through Virtual POS, international security standards are applied.
  • Virtual POS offers your customers a faster shopping experience than the traditional shopping methods.
  • Virtual POS transfers and stores sales data to the database.
  • You can easily follow your sales and their details, and perform your consumer-oriented sales and production activities.
  • It improves your company image and gives you a competitive edge.