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ADSL POS is a POS device operating over ADSL, which provides continuous Internet access. This product lets you save on transaction time and costs. ADSL connection is subject to a fixed fee, which does not increase no matter how many transactions you perform.

In addition to that, you can use the Ethernet POS application, which is designed for multi-cashier supermarkets and shopping centers where transaction times are now more critical, to perform swift and interruption-free transactions and save on phone bills by a large margin.

Advantages of ADSL POS Device

  • The ideal POS solution for any workplace performing a high number of POS transactions daily.
  • Since the ADSL line of your workplace is subject to a fixed monthly fee, you will not pay a separate communications fee for your POS transactions no matter how many transactions you perform.
  • You will save on your phone bills as your POS transactions will be performed through the ADSL line.
  • You will enjoy the advantage of performing interruption-free and fast transactions.
  • Your ADLS line will be available for both the ADSL POS device and your computer.