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Message from CEO

​A new business model

In 2017 we built the strategic foundations of Türkiye Finans with an approach that is rational and sustainable. These following areas were redesigned and restructured in light of the prevailing competitive conditions:

  • our governance structure, being sustainable
  • our business model, being customer focused
  • our approach to human capital being transparent
  • our operational structure, being effective

Throughout this period, Türkiye Finans implemented foundational strategic initiatives necessary to instil a performance culture, to improve the customer experience and to be an agile organization.

Our new customer focused business model was successfully implemented in 2017. More than 20% of our field sales staff were repositioned in order to make the most of our employees’ potential and to provide the best service to our customers.

A healthy balance sheet structure and a successful Performance As of the end of 2017, Türkiye Finans commanded total assets of TL 39.1 billion.

Our bank continued to contribute to the real economy by disbursing funds amounting to TL 26.5 billion, accounting for 68% of total assets.

Within the scope of the Credit Guarantee Fund, Türkiye Finans disbursed a total of TL 3.5 billion in funds to entirely brand new businesses in 2017. The bank reached a market share of 2% in this category, ranking first among participation banks.

The collected funds, which form the largest item in liabilities with a 56% share, amounted to TL 22 billion. Particularly, current account funds amounted to TL 6.9 billion, displaying a strong increase of 20% YoY.

Our human capital is our most valuable Asset

Our HR policy was reshaped around principles of transparency and fairness. Managing its human resources on the basis of equality, Türkiye Finans is proud to have a diversified staff profile that reflects Turkey’s demographics. Instilling a performance culture and ensuring that this culture is adopted by all employees will have a multiplier effect on our success.

Competing in the banking sector

Türkiye Finans continues to be a commercial bank offering Products and services that are fully compliant with the participation Banking principles.

The aim of Türkiye Finans is to exceed expectations on the axis of products and services in line with a customer-centred philosophy by competing in the same league as commercial banks in order to expand the share out of banking industry.

A vanguard in innovation and digital Banking

Crowning our competence in innovation with the title of being the 3rd bank to obtain R&D Center approval, Türkiye Finans acts with the aim of improving customer service and expanding digital access. The mobile application of TFX Target was received well in the market marking it as the first and only product of this category in Turkey.

I believe that we have created a lean and agile organization that is ready to seize the opportunities presented in the market by fostering a sustainable business model. I have no doubt that we can bring Türkiye Finans to the position of being a leading Participation bank by working together and applying our strategy without compromising on our principles of integrity and transparency. I would like to extend my gratitude to our employees, who share our goals for the future, for their contributions to our success, and to our customers and all stakeholders for their trust and support.


Wael Abdulaziz A. RAIES
CEO & Board Member