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Life at Türkiye Finans

Life at Türkiye Finans

​At Türkiye Finans family, you will find many events and projects that help you balance your professional work life and social life.

You can join photography, rowing, culture-literature, archery, diving, natural sports etc. clubs, where you get together with other Türkiye Finans employees with the same hobby, and participate in events such as domestic or international trips or football, tennis, basketball or rowing tournaments.

You can contribute to the society by taking part in social responsibility projects or represent the bank at inter-corporate competitions.

We Derive Our Strength from “Being ONE”!

As part of our principle of “Being ONE” as a collective voice and mind, we create special platforms to bring together Türkiye Finans​​ members.

  • You can follow up the current issues and developments regarding our bank by accessing BİRPort, our corporate communication portal.
  • Moreover, you can enjoy exclusive advantages to get the products and services that you need with BİRClub.