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Carrier Management

Carrier Management
  • ​​ As a Türkiye Finans employee who has just completed the undergraduate and/or graduate program, you have the opportunity to climb to the top of the career ladder which you start out as an Assistant.
  • Your career steps are as follows: Assistant, Assistant Officer, Officer, Assistant Supervisor, Supervisor and Manager. Each position has its own term of office as determined by competen​cy, education and performance criteria.
  • Our principle of training the managers of the future from among us plays a key role in drawing your career plans. In light of your competency and performance criteria, we build the most effective career plan for you.
  • Employee rotations and appointments from their current position to new positions are carried out under the pre-determined career map.
  • The applicants will join us holding the titles that are determined based on their total working experience and achievements.