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Training and Development Opportunities

Training and Development Opportunities
  • ​​​Türkiye Finans​ Human Resources unit operates by the principles of continuous learning and continuous development.
  • We develop various training programs to ensure continuous professional and personal development, offering equal opportunities so that all Türkiye Finans​ members will benefit from training opportunities.
  • Any new inductee will receive training to facilitate their integration to the units and positions they will work at and the wider corporate culture.
  • We plan the training programs in accordance with performance data, business goals, regulatory amendments, latest industry developments, and in particular, their career plans.
  • We implement the programs “ONE Day at Branch” and “ONE Day at HQ”, which effectively contribute to increasing the synergy between the HQ and Branches, enhancing communication channels and accelerating process improvement.
  • We often pay branch visits to determine employee development needs on-sight, listen to our employees and work with them to produce solutions.