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Our Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Policy
  • ​Türkiye Finans ​is committed to building the competent human resources that have adopted our mission, vision and values in accordance with our targets.
  • Our vision is to improve the success and satisfaction of our employees, disseminate our strong corporate culture and build an effective channel of communication.
  • At the bank, we act with the philosophy and motivation of “Being ONE” to build a collective wisdom and have a collective voice, and believe that being “ONE” will bring together our success.
  • To be the choice of the qualified workforce, we have adopted a banking culture that works by Participation Banking principles, is open to development and progress, and capable of creating participatory working conditions.
  • We act by the principle of training the managers of the future from among our own employees, and provide whatever support they need to determine the career goals that enable them to realize their potentials.
  • We apply fair and transparent performance review criteria to ensure that they are highly motivated and receive the training they need for professional and personal development.