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Esnek Destek Finansmanı

Esnek Destek Finansmanı

Flexible Payment, Fixed Profit Share Rate

What is Esnek Destek Finansmanı?

It is developed to meet the short-term current capital needs of firms and enable them to have a balanced and productive cash management structure. It is a reusable finance support instrument with a fixed profit rate prevalent until maturity and flexible payment options.

How Does Esnek Destek Finansmanı Meet Short-term Cash Need?

A certain credit limit is allocated to our Esnek Destek Finansmanı customers. A daily profit rate is calculated over the current principal risk balance. The calculated profit rate amounts are accrued and collected at the end of each quarter. Our customers can pay back the principal of the financed amount whenever they would like within a year.

Esnek Destek Finansmanı carries the advantage of flexible financing obtained within the principles of participation banking through the same infrastructure with murabaha and tawarruq (reverse murabaha.)

Who Can Benefit from Esnek Destek Finansmanı?

Esnek Destek Finansmanı can be used by all of our corporate, commercial and medium-sized customers.

The firms that meet their short-term current capital needs via Esnek Destek Finansmanı instrument of Türkiye Finans can also use the other Cash Management products of Türkiye Finans. Therefore, they may ascertain a healthy cash flow in their commercial activities.

What are the Advantages of Esnek Destek Finansmanı?

  • As a current capital support, Esnek Destek Finansmanı avails our customers to make profit share payments in quarterly instalments while enabling them to make their principal payments on an annual basis; therefore, it supports our customers for their cash management planning.
  • It presents advantages of making payment whenever demanded so without any early payment charge and flexibility of reuse.
  • Each use of the instrument has a fixed rate throughout the project thus our customers can basically calculate their due amount to the bank thanks to this invariable profit rate.
  • It presents all the flexibility advantages of the murabaha and tawarruq (reverse murabaha) instruments.
  • Monthly automatic bank statements pertaining to this instrument is sent to the firm e-mail address in order to give ease to the follow up process.