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Financing Support

Türkiye Finans Offers the Financing Support that You Need for Investments under Most Favorable Conditions.

Türkiye Finans Corporate Financing Support provides solutions for investment and production needs of your business under most favorable conditions.

On behalf of your business, Türkiye Finans will purchase any raw material, half-finished or finished good, as well as any real estate, machinery, equipment or service you will need for the business.

Your repayment will be split into installments with the profit share that will be determined according to the repayment plan you request under the contract between your company and the bank.

Corporate Financing Support is extended as a FX-Indexed or FC Loan under the cash loans scheme.

FX-Indexed Loans

This financing product is extended by indexing the loan to a specific foreign currency. Repayment and profit rate are collected in TL depending on the indexed foreign currency.

Export guarantee is not required.

It is a suitable source of financing for companies deriving foreign currency or foreign currency-indexed income.

For FX Indexed Loans, Banking Insurance Transaction Tax (BITT) applies to the financing amount, profit rate and exchange rate gains.

FC Loans

FC Loans are a suitable financing option for companies that are engaged in the sales qualifying as export or import, or operate in businesses yielding foreign exchange revenue.

To utilize FC Loans, the export guarantee must be fulfilled.