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Profit/Loss Investment Partnership

Project from You, Finance from Us!

Profit/Loss Investment Partnership is the type of financing by which Türkiye Finans provides financing support in full or part for projects waiting to come true, and in return becomes a partner to the profit at a predetermined rate.

Full Financing Support

  • This system is mainly utilized in financing of project-based business ventures.
  • The bank covers all costs of the project it considers profitable and efficient.
  • The bank is the capital owner of the financed project.
  • The customer utilizing the fund will contribute their labor and project experience.
  • The profit yielded will be shared among the bank and the customer at the predetermined rate.

Partial Financing Support

  • The parties participate in the project both with their labor and capital.
  • The bank provides a part of the capital.
  • The customer will procure the remainder of the required capital for the project, according to their financial means and the project particulars.
  • Upon project completion, the customer will receive their share from the project for their work and expertise.