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When you need for your enterprise any type of machinery, equipment, computer, motor vehicle, or similar investment goods, we, Türkiye Finans, suggest you “leasing”. You can directly lease at our branches the investment goods you obtain locally or overseas. All your leasing-related procedures will be followed up to conclusion by our specialists.

You will get what you want immediately, and will pay for it in a long-term!

You will have the machine or equipment you need without creating burden on your business, as rent payments are extended to a long term. So, even if your funds and borrowing means are limited, you will be capable of realizing the growth and investment you target for your company.

You will capture a liquidity advantage!

The lessee will be provided with ease of payment and an opportunity to remain liquid, as the rent payment plan and rent amounts are set upon mutual agreement of the lessor and the lessee.

You may acquire the ownership of leased goods

As a lease method, “leasing” allows you to own the leased goods against an insignificant amount of payment at end of the lease period. Thanks to the protocol signed between Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF) and Türkiye Finans for cooperation between them, problems of insufficient guarantee in loans extended by Türkiye Finans to SMEs can be got over by KGF guarantee, allowing loans to be available to more SMEs.